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Hello, there.

My name is Rafael Rozon, I’m a software developer, and this is the beginning of my journey building my own web application. I have been working as a software developer professionally for about five years, and in this time, I have primarily worked with web applications. Some small and easy to navigate, others huge and very complex. But I always wanted to create something with my bare hands and a keyboard. So, this is it.

There is another purpose to this endeavour. A question that has bothered and fascinated me since I started programming: how the heck a…

A series on automating mundane and not so mundane stuff in software development

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This is my first post on a series about how automation can be used to save time and improve DX (developer experience). In this post, I will show you a project I created, rzn-scripts, that adds ESLint, Jest, Commitizen and other dev tools to a new project. My objective is to show you an example of how you can use your dev skills to automate the boring stuff and save time for the fun stuff. …

Better developer experience, better software

Title of the article: 10 Storybook Best Practices
Title of the article: 10 Storybook Best Practices

This is a post about Storybook and conventions. It is based on my experience using Storybook over several years and from the experiences of other developers. The best practices I define here aren’t silver bullets that will fix and improve every project. They’re a baseline of ideas and conventions that I think are worth trying. Hopefully, they can help you and your team have a better developer experience and ultimately deliver better software to the world.

I assum you know what Storybook is and that you have some experience with it. The ideas here can be applied to apps of…

List of 25 conferences to learn, network, have fun and become a better IT professional. All from the comfort of your home.

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My name is Rafael and I put together a list of on-line conferences related to IT and software development. There’s almost a conference a day in June!!! A lot of cool topics, workshops, demos, and discussions. There are all sorts of conferences happening. Some are short, others very long. Some are paid and some are free. …

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This is a collection of thoughts, methods, and practices from myself and other people that I put together to help me, and hopefully other devs, to write clean, maintainable, and scalable front-end code in React and Redux, in particular.

This article is based on my own experiences developing in React and in a lot of reading I did on Medium and all over the internet about React and Redux best practices and project structure. My main focus here is on project structure and maintainability, not so much on components. Although I’ll say a thing or two about that.

I created…

Reusing code in Node, Web, and Mobile

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to set up a JavaScript monorepo with an api (Express), a web app (React), a mobile app (React Native), and a shared folder for reusable code. But first…

A brief introduction

I’m a software developer and most part of my time is spent building REST APIs and React applications. My journey with monorepos started first as a curiosity. And then it became more serious when I started building my own app a few months ago. When I started building this app I had some basic principles that I wanted to follow as much as possible:

  1. Use…

How to setup Nunjucks as the template engine of a Sails JS application

Nunjucks is a template engine build by Mozilla and it has a lot of functionality, for example, asynchronous control, filters, extensions, and many others. One of the most important features for me is template inheritance. That’s why I decided to use it in a Sails application that I’m building.

First things first. Install Nunjucks and Consolidate, which is the glue between Nunjucks and Sails.

npm install consolidate nunjucks --save

Then, in config/views.js replace the default values for the engine with the following:

If you want a…

Simulate different API responses inside Storybook stories using Axios and axios-mock-adapter.

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So, I wanted to find a way to simulate different api responses for my React components while developing them in Storybook. I found out another tutorial that was very helpful but it used another fetch library instead Axios. Then, I decided to put my own little tutorial to help others that use Storybook and Axios HTTP client.

Assuming you have Storybook already setup. Install this:

npm install axios-mock-adapter --save-dev

Then in your stories:

My Test component is just to illustrate. What is important here is:

  • Without the mock adapter, the response would be data for the planet Tatooine from…

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