Automation: Dotfiles & Dev Tools

Rafael Rozon
7 min readDec 14, 2020

A series on automating mundane and not so mundane stuff in software development

Photo by Digital Buggu from Pexels


This is my first post on a series about how automation can be used to save time and improve DX (developer experience). In this post, I will show you a project I created, rzn-scripts, that adds ESLint, Jest, Commitizen and other dev tools to a new project. My objective is to show you an example of how you can use your dev skills to automate the boring stuff and save time for the fun stuff. In the process of building this project, I learned a lot of new things and hopefully, you will learn a thing or two with this post.

The Requirements

I often start small web projects and libraries or even experiments to learn or try out something and I got tired of having to setup ESLint, Jest, Commitizen, NVM, EditorConfig and all those 9782734872364824872638476 dev tools and configuration files we use in web development. So, I decided to do something about it.

I came across the kcd-scripts repository from Kent C. Dodds and I thought that it was a cool idea that I could adapt. Based on that, my requirements were:

  1. Add support for: ESLint, Jest, NVM, EditorConfig, Prettier, Commitizen, and Husky
  2. The tool should be easy to use and invoked from the CLI