Online Software Development Conferences in June 2020

Rafael Rozon
9 min readMay 23, 2020

List of 25 conferences to learn, network, have fun and become a better IT professional. All from the comfort of your home.


My name is Rafael and I put together a list of on-line conferences related to IT and software development. There’s almost a conference a day in June!!! A lot of cool topics, workshops, demos, and discussions. There are all sorts of conferences happening. Some are short, others very long. Some are paid and some are free. I really hope you are able to find and attend a conference that can help you to become a better professional while having fun.

Let me know in the comments at the bottom if you have more suggestions of conferences in June.

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Cloud Native eParty

June 2nd, Link

Join experts from across the ecosystem for hands-on demos of cloud native technologies and thought leadership on best practices and trends you should be on the lookout for. Whether you’re a developer or administrator, or a business leader on a microservices journey, this is the party to be at to learn about the latest and greatest in the Cloud Native ecosystem.

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Cloud Native eParty website

UX Healthcare

June 2nd, Link

We live in a world of constant change. Technology is evolving more rapidly than anyone would have ever thought. In healthcare, this change is not embraced as much as in other industries. Most healthcare systems weren’t designed for this world.
With UX Healthcare we aim to make a difference, because better design is needed in the healthcare industry. From clinicians, healthcare insurances to hospital equipment manufacturers — our goal is to help healthcare across the world to implement the best user experiences possible.

#ux #healthcare