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Centralizing React Providers for better maintenance and readability

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This post will show you a common situation with Providers in React apps and how to make it a bit more maintainable and easier to read.

The “Problem”

I have written and seen code like this in React apps:

function App() {//...return (

Building a Web App Series: Issue #2

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I guess the first technical decision when building a web app is: where will it live? Traditionally, there were 2 options: a monorepo or multi repositories. But I have seen it, and it’s possible to have a hybrid. Use a monorepo for some…

Practical Software Architecture for Frontend Development

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Hello, there.

My name is Rafael Rozon, I’m a software developer, and this is the beginning of my journey building my own web application. I have been working as a software developer professionally for about five years, and in this time, I have primarily worked with web applications. Some small…

A series on automating mundane and not so mundane stuff in software development

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This is my first post on a series about how automation can be used to save time and improve DX (developer experience). In this post, I will show you a project I created, rzn-scripts, that adds ESLint…

Better developer experience, better software

Title of the article: 10 Storybook Best Practices
10 Storybook Best Practices

This is a post about Storybook and conventions. It is based on my experience using Storybook over several years and from the experiences of other developers. The best practices I define here aren’t silver bullets that will fix and improve every project. They’re a baseline of ideas and conventions that…

List of 25 conferences to learn, network, have fun and become a better IT professional. All from the comfort of your home.

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My name is Rafael and I put together a list of on-line conferences related to IT and software development. There’s almost a conference a day in June!!! A…

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This is a collection of thoughts, methods, and practices from myself and other people that I put together to help me, and hopefully other devs, to write clean, maintainable, and scalable front-end code in React and Redux, in particular.

This article is based on my own experiences developing in React…

Reusing code in Node, Web, and Mobile

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to set up a JavaScript monorepo with an api (Express), a web app (React), a mobile app (React Native), and a shared folder for reusable code. But first…

A brief introduction

I’m a software developer and most part of my time is spent building REST APIs…

How to setup Nunjucks as the template engine of a Sails JS application

Nunjucks is a template engine build by Mozilla and it has a lot of functionality, for example, asynchronous control, filters, extensions, and many others. One of the most important features for me is template inheritance. …

Simulate different API responses inside Storybook stories using Axios and axios-mock-adapter.

So, I wanted to find a way to simulate different api responses for my React components while developing them in Storybook. I found out another tutorial that was very helpful but it used another fetch library instead Axios. …

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